Thursday, 26 November 2015

A place for everything

The day started well enough, I woke feeling much improved after sleeping off the effects of yesterday's test at the doctor's surgery and headed downstairs to pack a few more things into boxes. I got side-tracked, as so often happens, and made a fruit cake, gluten-free of course. And while that was cooking I packed most of the contents of the kitchen cupboards to take to our new home, which was when I discovered our first dilemma of the day.

I feel like we have crossed the Severn Bridge so many times in the last week that we should now be on first name terms with the staff at the toll booths, but all this to-ing and fro-ing is just a short phase and will stop soon enough. As my favourite phrase goes 'This too will pass' and I'd like to think that our move will be completed in the next few days.

Anyway, we made a discovery today, well several in fact, but the first one was that despite having a large kitchen with lots of cupboards, there just isn't enough storage space for my family sized cooking equipment.

Perhaps I have too many cake tins or mixing bowls, perhaps it's the huge lasagne and casserole dishes or the numerous roasting tins, whichever it is, there seems to be more of them now than I have ever owned, have they been breeding in the cupboards?

The solution is, of course, simple, all I need to do is de-clutter. Hmmm, that's easier said than done as I use all my cooking equipment on a pretty regular basis and you can be sure that no sooner than I recycle something, that will be the piece of equipment that I need. No, thinning it out just won't work for me.

Not ones to be beaten by such a simple problem, Mr J and I have agreed to buy some more kitchen units to create an island in the centre of the kitchen.

I spent the afternoon emptying boxes and putting things away or in their allotted rooms to be more accurate, while Mr J drove back and forth to the local self-storage unit where we have been keeping lots of the things we don't use on a daily basis but want in our new home. He also brought back the first of the Christmas decorations to store in the barn until the moment comes that I can decorate our home for our first Christmas (of many) at the small holding.
View from the front of the house towards the setting sun
As the light started to fade Mr J took a few photographs of the view, we are both enchanted by our new surroundings and I hope that we continue to be as the years go by.
View toward the (as yet unplanted) fruit and vegetable garden


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