Friday, 20 November 2015

First day nerves

You know that feeling you get when you are so excited and so happy that you think you could burst? I’ve been feeling that for a little over twenty four hours. This is fabulous for the soul but not so great for the adrenals, so I am taking extra vitamin C and magnesium to support them.
We drove the forty minute journey from the rented house in South Gloucestershire to our new home in Monmouthshire and as we crossed the Severn Bridge, I took the phone call from our solicitor to say that they the purchase had been completed and the small holding was indeed now ours.
The next few hours seemed surreal, we can’t quite believe that it’s ours, that this is where we are going to settle ourselves for the next, well, forever!

It was pouring with rain for most of the day, which made moving the first of our belongings in a somewhat soggy process. Today Mr J has gone to collect the van we have hired for the weekend to move furniture and garden items. We have to take this process slowly - I get worn out, totally empty batteries, very quickly so I have to pace myself, by taking lots of breaks. This is really hard to do when I am so thrilled at having this delightful space which we will turn into our home over the next short while.
So again today this blog is brief with just a few pictures, because I need to go and help load the van.
View from the back garden towards the house

View from the kitchen doors to the front garden

The last of the former residents shortly before they moved to their new home.

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