Monday, 30 November 2015

First night in our new home

A little over 12 hours ago, Mr J left our house in South Gloucestershire to collect a rented van for our final big push to get moved into our new home. It has been an exhausting yet exhilarating day, we’ve barked at each other and laughed together and pleasingly we have laughed much more than shared a grumpy word.
I used to live in a large Edwardian house and most of my furniture is suited to large open rooms with high ceilings and wide doorways, not the little cottage we now call home. So struggling with huge bookcases and heavy oak chest of drawers has taken its toll on our backs and wrists and we both look, well, less than tidy.

I am still fairly ill and I am not quite sure what I have been running on for the last 11 days, I certainly have almost zero energy left but between ibuprofen, vast amounts of vitamins and minerals, excitement and sheer bloody-mindedness I have muddled through. The next couple of days are going to be quiet ones, pottering around our home, putting things away and enjoying our new environment.

Archie, the cat, has had a difficult day, like most animals, he doesn’t like it when things are changing all around him and he’s avoided much of the upheaval by putting in a full day asleep on the bed. He said a few ripe words to me as I loaded him into the cat basket and sang nicely to us for most of the journey. He is now safely tucked in the boot room that will be his bedroom for the next couple of nights, while he also get used to his new surroundings.

Mr J, who continues to be my absolute hero, has gone to the local shop to find a meal that we can put in the microwave as the cooker isn’t being installed until Thursday, while I take 20 minutes to put my thoughts down and to have a rest. After that we will make up the bed and contemplate how soon is too soon to collapse into it and sleep.

The weather has been relentless, it has rained and blown a hoolie for almost our entire move and I suspect it will continue this way right up until we bring the last things from our old house. But for now, I don’t mind if it’s miserable outside, it’s warm and dry and cosy in our new home and tonight we get to spend the first night here.

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