Saturday, 21 November 2015

Moving forward

Phew! It’s been a busy couple of days. We’ve loaded and unloaded the hired van three times, it’s slow going and Mr J has had to do far more than his fair share of the lifting, but we are getting there. The kitchen is starting to take shape and I’m getting a feel for where things might live once we decant our kitchen contents into the new house.
We’ve had lots of cups of tea and delicious chocolates, kindly left for us in a ‘welcome basket’ by the former owners (what a lovely gesture - some people just know how to do exactly the right thing).
Today, as always in autumn and winter, we started the day with hot food, I cooked bacon and gluten free pancakes (not together), this set us up for the morning and we took a full van load of plants over the bridge to Monmouthshire.
Mr J moved approximately 100 raspberry canes, all potted up and waiting for their new home, small trees including hazel, hawthorn and holly, and lots of herbaceous perennials and herbs. This is the start of our new garden in which I intend to grow as much of our food as possible. Over the course of the next few months, I aim to turn a paddock into a productive vegetable garden with a large area for soft fruit. In a year’s time we should have enough fruit and vegetables stored to see us through the winter, well, that’s the plan.
It was blowing a hoolie this morning, the winds were up to about fifty miles an hour and Mr J was being buffeted around as he emptied the plants from the van to the sheltered corner we had chosen for them to rest for the remainder of the winter. The house on the other hand was warm and cosy. There is something incredibly reassuring about hearing the wind blowing outside and being safe and warm indoors.

Then it was back to the rented house for lunch and a quick rest before we reloaded the van and made a second trip. By the time we got there it was dark and we were met with a myriad of twinkling little lights that festoon the front of the house, running on solar power and coming on as the sunlight fades, they were a welcoming sight. And so for the second night in a row, we are heading to bed early, exhausted by the day’s activities but grinning like nobody’s business.


  1. I so very much wish for a 'like' button. I get such joy in following your progress, but also seeing what yummy delights you have had along the way! ❤️ CDZ

  2. I am really enjoying you 'painting the picture' of the start of your new lives..... and am pleased that the move is progressing well :-)


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