Friday, 27 November 2015

Mucking in and mucking out

We've owned our little small holding for a week now and are very nearly moved in. Having waited for so long to find our new home we are itching to get settled in and get on with enjoying it.

I've watched Mr J shifting so many boxes and bags, chairs and tables, shelves and 'stuff' that I was starting to feel bad about not being able to do more. But logic dictates and I know that actually physically I cannot do more.

But what I can do is slowly start doing some of the jobs outside the house that don't require heavy lifting and that I can gently get on with bit by bit. So I decided to start mucking out the stable area that we are going to turn into our chicken condo.

It was very slow going but on a rainy day like today it was nice to be out in the fresh air whilst being dry under cover. I don't have much strength but I do have determination and that, it seems, counts for an awful lot! I took lots of short breaks but have shifted about 15 barrow loads outside to the allotted composting area and started to pile it all up ready for putting in the compost bins, when we've created them.

I think a few more sessions of wheel barrow loading and I will have completed stage one of creating a splendid home for 'the girls' when they come to live with us. I will also have gathered plenty of material for our compost heaps. I can see it won't be long before I keep a bucket and spade in the car at all times and collect the horse manure from the lanes for the compost heaps.

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