Tuesday, 24 November 2015

New family, vintage kitchen and a blank canvas

It seems that this November has turned out to be a rather splendid month. Not only did Mr J and I get the keys to our new home but we also gained a new member of the family. Grandson number 2 was born on 11th November and, respecting my daughter’s wishes, I haven’t shouted about it too much until now. At last, I can sing it from the treetops.
I am looking forward to the time when the boys can come visiting us at our smallholding and being able to play in the garden, climb trees and make mud pies with them. In the meantime, I get to have baby cuddles with the youngest and great conversations, playing trains and creating Lego buildings with the oldest.

Our moving continued yesterday, I wish I could wave a magic wand and have the house all ready for us, but at the same time that would take away some of the fun too. I’ve spent (too) much of my time deciding which kitchen cupboards to use to store what. I wondered for a little while if I really needed so many cooking utensils, but the answer is that I may not need them all, but I certainly like having them.

Do I really need two hand whisks from the 1970s? Probably not, but I couldn’t chose which one to get rid of, so they both stay. I definitely need my 1960s Spong’s bean slicer and the ‘clamp on the edge of the table’ meat mincer. The lobster claw crackers (like nut crackers but for lobster claws), no I don’t really need these, neither Mr J or I eat lobster and I’m not entirely sure why I bought them in the first place. I was probably in one of those fabulous kitchenware shops and just couldn’t resist the shiny red crackers in the shape of lobster claws. I really like traditional cookware and love looking through the website of The VintageKitchen Store, it seems that half of my kitchen utensils would now be considered vintage and I still enjoy cooking with them.
Some of the more modern kitchen essentials, I’ve put readily to hand but still tucked away. I don’t feel the need to clutter the work surfaces with white plastic and chrome machinery, except for the kettle and a bread maker, because it makes me feel good to make Mr J a small loaf of bread every few days. When my children were younger I used to get up early and bake all kinds of lovely things for them for breakfast and then sweep and mop the floors before they got up. My daughter said to me a couple of years ago that to her summer smells of freshly baked scones and Ecover floor cleaner. Now before anyone thinks that I must have been a marvellous mum, I will put the record straight. Getting up so early left me exhausted for most of the day and the children usually came home from school to find me sprawled out on the sofa snoring like a rabid warthog!

Anyway, the sorting and planning are coming along gently. So too are my thoughts about the kitchen garden and ta da! already it has progressed from a humble fruit and veg patch. There’s a big space for me to experiment in and it’s a blank canvas and so I once we are all moved in, I will put pencil to paper and start drawing some plans because I have some beautiful plants just waiting to be settled into their new home too. I have more than a vague idea of what I’d like to do, whether I can turn that into a reality is another thing altogether!

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