Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Planning time

How do we organise a move in just three days time? Lists of course. So we have a list of what to move first, who to contact about moving out, when friends can help, which utilities to contact, what furniture goes into which room and the list of lists goes on.

As we don’t have to move out of our rented accommodation immediately, thankfully we can move gently over a couple of weeks. Of course, our preference would be to move immediately and be in our new home right away. The reality is that I don’t have the strength or stamina for that.

The great thing about moving bit by bit is that I will have time to put things away as they arrive, so hopefully there will some order amongst the chaos.
I can also decide where my clocks are going to live. I like clocks, not because I have a time thing, but because I think that they are so clever and are so often like works of art. Mr J was a little surprised when he first discovered that I like to have clocks in almost every room but has, over time, come to accept that I have three clocks in the kitchen, two in the living room, that they are on windowsills, walls, tables and the mantel piece. The only downside to having so many clocks is that at night, when everything else is quiet, I can hear the clocks ticking. And they don’t tick in a coordinated way, there isn’t one loud tick as they mark the seconds together, oh no, they are all very slightly out of synch so I can hear a ripple of quiet ticks each second. One of my favourite clock sellers (and manufacturer) is Roger Lascelles, they can even personalise your clock, which means that we may just need one more clock in our new home!
But I digress… amongst the many things I have been trying to organise is the arrival of our first chickens, Jack, Bluebell and Diesel. These three lovely ladies have been living with my daughter for the last year or so and I have persuaded her to allow them to come and live on our smallholding.
I am a poultry keeping novice and so have done lots of reading about how to care for chickens and found PoultryKeeper very useful and watched loads of vlogs on YouTube, like Mother Earth News’ BackyardChickens 101So I’m comfortable with how I am going to look after the girls once they move in with us, my concern this morning was how they were going to get to us.

My daughter reassures me that their little raised chicken house and palatial run can be dismantled and put back together fairly easily and the birds can be transported in chicken boxes, where apparently they will settle down nicely in a dark environment and snooze on the journey. This is great news, the last thing we want is distressed chickens. My plan is that once they have settled into their new surroundings, they will be let out to roam around the smallholding each day.
Eventually (in the spring) I would like to get some more chickens, ones that lay blue eggs, to which Mr J and I are rather partial and by next summer we should be able to sell some fresh eggs together with some of our early cropping fruit and vegetables.
It’s so easy to become side-tracked when moving. While sorting through and packing up our belongings I’ve paused to remember the events that led to this photo or that ornament and then before I know it, a half hour has passed and I haven’t packed a thing. It’s been great to find that I didn’t lose my son’s first shoes (safely stored in a toddler size box) or my daughter’s fabulous painting of chickens with the number 8 proudly written above nine little yellow and orange hen shapes. Call me sentimental but these things catapult me back a quarter of a century or more as I remember the delight of a small boy toddling around a shoe shop admiring his smart red shoes with a little tractor embossed across the toe and the pride on my daughter’s face as she presented me with her latest painting from school and how hard I had to try to keep a straight face. Simple moments have become precious memories.

So, today’s task is to pack the contents of at least one room into boxes and label them. That shouldn’t take too much time, as long as I don’t get too side-tracked by memory lane.

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