Sunday, 22 November 2015

The strength of friendship

Our home at dusk

After another five o'clock wake up, I managed to go back to sleep for a little while and didn't get up until nearly seven. This feels like luxury after months of three and four o'clock starts, not because I want or need to be up pre-dawn, but because my body isn't doing quite what is should and waking at inappropriate hours seems to be part and parcel of it.

So after what Mr J described as a 'sumptuous repast' we once again loaded the van and headed off to our smallholding where, in the dry-ish barn, we stored bits of wood that are bound to be useful and electrical 'things' (I've learnt it's better not to ask what they are for, just in case Mr J ever asks me why I want to keep some of the things that I have held on to for so many years).

We were back just in time for our friend Jane to arrive to help us. Jane is one of my oldest friends, not old in age, old as in we've known each other for a very long time.

Jane and Mr J loaded the van with some heavy old bits of furniture, much too heavy for me to be of use trying to lift it, while I rustled up some hot chicken sandwiches and a coffee. Lunch eaten, all three of us headed to Monmouthshire once again.

It was so exciting to be able to show Jane around the garden and talk to her about my plans for the fruit and vegetable garden. Jane in an excellent gardener and I've always admired her vision in creating a really lovely garden and I value her thoughts and advice. She ooh-ed and ahh-ed at all the right moments and let me enthuse about tumbledown piggeries and understood my ideas about turning a stinging nettle patch into a duck pond. We spotted a Little Egret flying overhead, I'd never heard the name before and thought it was white heron, but it was definitely a Little Egret (click here to find out more from RSPB).

Then we showed her the house and while I made more coffee, they carefully unloaded the furniture from the van and took it to the allotted rooms. What a fabulous achievement! We can now start moving in all the things that live in the cupboards and chests of drawers.

There are times in life when I am reminded of just how lucky I am. It's never the things, the trappings, the frippery that prompt these moments, today it was the generosity of my friend giving her energy (and strength) so freely, the laughter and the love. Yup, this evening I am feeling very fortunate indeed.

Inside the barn

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  1. I am so enjoying this blog, it's like a breath of fresh air to see someone who has been through the mill health wise come, if not quite bouncing back, at least near enough to see the improvement in both the physical and emotional responses to your new life. And I will be coming to visit once things have settled down xxx


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