Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A sanitary problem

Oh dear! No sooner do we start to get settled into our new home and the maintenance issues start. Last week I noticed what I thought was a minor issue but rather than wait for it to become a big problem, I did the sensible thing and phoned a local plumber to come and have a look at it. Jack the plumber (it's how he introduces himself!) arrived on time this morning and I showed him the leaky loo. I love our bathroom, it has a very calm feel about it and a gentle elegance to its style. The loo is a mid level one, so the cistern is neither high level like the Victorian style nor a close coupled modern design. It's like the one in the picture (photo taken from VictorianBathrooms4U)

Now before noses become upturned, it wasn't leaking from below the rim, it was the pipe that flushes clean water into the loo that was leaky. So he inspected the issue carefully and announced that it would probably need a new part. Actually, he apologised that he couldn't fix it immediately - I was starting to like this plumber, he was honest, open and explained the problem clearly to me, showing me what needed to be done.

We discussed the options, a new pipe or a new loo, neither are great news for the purse just three days before Christmas and also neither option was going to be happening before Christmas. He tidied up before he left, including sweeping the bathroom floor and promised to phone me in a while.

Jack the plumber headed off to his suppliers to see just how much the part was going to cost. He phoned a couple of hours later to give us the news. The manufacturers of said loo do not supply individual parts, we were going to have to buy a replacement set. So Mr J and I had a quick discussion about whether we pay for the set and installation or whether we just get a cheap and cheerful loo, which would be considerably cheaper than the price of the pipe and fittings for the existing loo, and pay for its installation (which could involve additional plumbing work that might mean opening up the wall to access the pipes set into the wall). Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place, in the end we decided to get the existing loo fixed - hooray, I like this loo.

So for the next couple of weeks we are without the loo in the bathroom. Luckily we are a two loo household, so at least we still have the convenience of a convenience!

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  1. Thank goodness for two loos or it would have been a very poopy Christmas! Cx


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