Friday, 18 December 2015

A wreath and a henhouse

Today was going to be a quiet and gentle one at home, it didn't quite turn out like that. Mr J headed off to the local shops to buy a few food basics and I stayed at home in case the delivery we were waiting for arrived.

When I saw my sister last week, I promised her that I would make a Christmas wreath and I realised this morning that if I didn't do it soon, it would be the other side of Christmas before she got it, so I wandered around the garden and gathered a few branches and twigs that might be useful.
I had a twig base to use, so it was going to be a relatively simple task to wire on some fir, ivy and holly. My sister wanted a simple, natural design that is slightly rustic, I think I have managed to get the right look for her.
I spent a while this afternoon reading some great blogs and playing with the design and layout of this one and then to my delight, the delivery arrived. Two large boxes containing the flat pack chicken house. Never mind that the light was failing or that it was starting to get cooler, I was in small child who's very excited mode.
So without delay, well yes actually, a small delay while Mr J made us both a cuppa, we unpacked the pieces and spent an hour or two in the piggery, building it as much as we could before we need to take it to the garden for the final pieces to be fixed together. 


So for tonight it remains in the piggery with my grandsons' toys , but tomorrow it will be taken to the garden and completed. I can hardly wait for the first chickens to arrive from my daughter's home to live with us.

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  1. They will be thrilled with their familiar home! And will be on their way to you very soon! The weath looks beautiful I shall have to put my request in for next Christmas! Love you always CDZ xx


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