Thursday, 3 December 2015

An uplifting day

The telecoms engineer phoned at 8.40am to say that he couldn’t find our house. He had taken the turning marked nos.13 – 22 and couldn’t find number twelve anywhere. I didn’t want to laugh too much, after all, I did want the telephone and internet to be installed. So Mr J walked along our lane to meet the engineer on the main road.
The telephone is now up and running, but the internet connection has been delayed as BT seems to have switched on the wrong box at the side of the road (far too technical for me to get stressed about), they assure us it will be sorted in the next week or so.

Roy, the electrician also arrived around this time as he’d had no problems in finding us. I was about to make a cuppa when I realised that the milk was not as fresh as we’d like it to be, so Mr J hopped into his car to go to the local shop (a couple of miles away) to buy milk. I feel rather guilty that he has had to do all the driving for the last few months, but until I can sit in a car for longer than 10 minutes without falling asleep, I think it’s safer that I wasn’t behind the wheel.

Anyway, Roy has fitted our second hand cooker and almost all of it works, it was always a gamble as we didn’t see it working when we bought it, but one oven, the grill and all the rings work, so that’s enough for me until the time comes when we can have either the second oven repaired or replaced. Roy then fitted an additional motion-sensitive light at the side of the house, which means that we can see where we are going when we are outside in the evenings or when we come home at night. We also talked through our plans for the outbuildings and Roy thought that they would all be fairly straightforward and will give me an idea of cost in due course.

So, cooker safely wired into the electrical system, we discovered that the space where it should fit was about 5mm too small, no worries that’s a simple job to shave a small piece off the wooden worktop with our new jigsaw. Or it would be if I could work out how to fit a blade into it! Some days the simplest of tasks feel like an impossibility.

Next we needed to pop to a local DIY store, so headed off for Homebase. We hadn’t been to this particular branch before so had to keep asking where things were, the staff were all very helpful. Need to go upstairs? No worries, either we could leave the shopping trolley at the base of the stairs or take it up in the lift. By this time of day, my legs were starting to ache and my feet were throbbing, so the lift seemed like a nice idea. Hmmm, lifts usually work when you go in them and press the button for the first floor. On this occasion there was no response, oh well, never mind, we’d have to take the stairs. However, not only did the buttons not work, nor did the door! We were stuck in the lift.
‘Now don’t panic’, said Mr J quietly and calmly to me as I banged on the door to attract a nearby shopper’s attention. The lift had a glass window in the door, so the somewhat startled shopper could see that we were stuck and raced off to find a shop assistant. The first assistant couldn’t open the door either and joked with us ‘Oh you’re trapped in there now, we may never get you out’. At this point, I slid to the floor and hunkered down for the hours that it may take to get us out of there. I didn’t even have an emergency chocolate bar in my handbag and we hadn’t eaten lunch before we went. My stomach complained. Mr J, who doesn’t get as flustered as easily as I do, stood quietly and patiently waiting for someone else to come to assist us. And come they did, a young man with a screwdriver popped the latch and the door opened. I then had to haul myself up from the floor in a rather unceremonious manner, dust myself off and thank him profusely for rescuing us. This is such a typically British thing to do, the store’s lift trapped us in and I apologised for inconveniencing him.

We walked up the stairs and then, inevitably, couldn’t find the items we had wanted to buy. Back at home, I continued the battle with fitting the cooker into its allotted space while Mr J returned once more to our rented house to sort out the recycling (it’s bin day) and to do some food shopping so that we could eat our first meal, cooked on our cooker, in our new home.
It has been a good day over all, we’ve achieved, we have laughed and we’ve had our first home cooked meal.

Roy is based in Bristol, I highly recommend him if you need electrical work done at your home. He can be contacted at .

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  1. Just read your entire blog. Looking forward to keeping up with *the good life* Lyn x


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