Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day garden and plants for the future

This morning whilst waiting for my daughter and her family to arrive for a visit, I took a wander around the garden and amazed at how much is in flower. Little pink camellias are bursting out all over the place but my biggest surprise is that two passifloras are in bloom.
This little yellow flowered climber is scrambling up a wall, I like it's gentle variegated leaves.

There a lots of these hebe plants around the garden, I saw the chickens trying a leaf of this one, thankfully it appears not to be very tasty for my feathered friends.
And this lovely osteospurmum is busy flowering near our farm gate entrance. 
Greeting us as we come home on the other side of the gate is a cheerful chrysanthemum daisy. I also spotted common daisies growing in the lawn and honeysuckle in flower too!

Then my daughter, her partner and my two grandsons arrived. Having a new baby, they came with all sorts of bags and boxes and paraphernalia, so while they were getting themselves sorted and Mr J made us all a cuppa, I asked four year old number one grandson to come and help me with a task outside.

First we had to say hello to the chickens, who until a week ago were living at my daughter's house and my grandson was very pleased to see them again. It seems that they may have missed him too as they raced over to greet him and squatted down next to him for a stroke. I was a bit envious of this, they haven't let me touch them since they arrived.

I explained to him what I wanted some help with and so we found the correct tools, a spade for me and a trowel and hand fork for him and we headed off through the gate into our paddock (which will eventually be our fruit and vegetable garden). We walked to the very back of the paddock and spent a little while choosing the right spot for our task. I dug two holes and he helped to plant a hazel tree sapling for him and a tiny holly plant for his baby brother. These little trees will grow and mature as the boys do and will always remind us of them coming to see us during our first Christmas season in our smallholding.

After a buffet lunch, we exchanged gifts and I had several cuddles with grandson number two who is now six weeks old. My daughter is incredibly thoughtful and had found some lovely gifts including some cane fixers, so that I can build supports for the plants or fruit cages.
My grandsons gave me some vegetable seeds including these organic seeds of rainbow shades of carrots, courgettes, pumpkin, Swiss chard and rocket.
This afternoon, Mr J and I have retired to the sofa in a happy state of post-Christmas relaxation and I don't suppose it will be too long before we are both 'inspecting the inside of our eyelids'.

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  1. Very pleased that you were happy with your goodies, we look forward to eating them next year! Cx


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