Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve at Home

The weather has been typically wintery, storm Eva has been demonstrating her strength for the most of the day and it's feeling a bit nippy (and very wet) outside.
I had the oven heating up by 5.15am and spent several happy hours pottering in the kitchen making pastry based treats for my family using organic flour for the family and then another selection with gluten free flour for myself.
So when my daughter and her family join us on Boxing Day, they will have a selection of sausage rolls, mince pies and tarts to go with cold meats, salads and fresh fruit.
At 5.15 this evening, we ran outside to see 'Father Christmas' fly overhead, and even though I know that it is the International Space Station, I still like the idea that young children can see this magical, mythical character travelling across the sky. Sadly, it was too cloudy to be able to see the ISS (or Father Christmas).
So Mr J and I came back inside and enjoyed brie and cranberry tartlets and crudit├ęs for supper and are now looking forward to a gentle and quiet day tomorrow.
This evening our home is warm, dry and cosy, our larder and fridge are filled with fresh food and the house is full of love, I am acutely aware of just how fortunate we are. I wish everyone a peaceful, gentle and love filled Christmas.

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  1. Huge love! Wonderfully written as always. I feel truely blessed to share my life with you and be able to read about yours in such a gentle, honest and open way. Looking forward to Boxing Day greatly! Cx


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