Thursday, 17 December 2015

Gentle celebrations

We've been celebrating at home, because yesterday we handed back the keys to our previous rented property, bringing with us the last of the plants for our new garden. This means that we can now give our full attention to firstly each other and secondly our new home. And after almost a month since we collected the keys to our house, we have an internet connection to the house. Its been a nuisance and quite costly trying to piggyback a laptop to my telephone but now we are back online properly we are jolly happy. Despite wanting to have a gentler life, being without the internet was never on the agenda!

I had a lovely day yesterday, I sorted and tidied a little in the morning and spent a gentle hour or so in the kitchen making some comfort food for lunch, while Mr J went to hand back the keys to our previous house. I made a shepherd's pie with organic lamb and instead of a mashed potato top, I used diced swede and topped that with cheddar cheese. And using the last of the pastry from yesterday's mince pies, I made an apple tart with cinnamon and maple syrup. It would have been perfect with vanilla ice-cream, but we didn't have any, so that is on my mental list of things to make before too long.

A 4am start meant that by early afternoon I was exhausted and once the telephone engineer had finished and left, I had a little snooze on the sofa. Actually, it was more of a deep heavy sleep which I am told was accompanied by the not-so-gentle sound of a family of wild warthogs running through the forest. This is an improvement on how my snoring has been over the last year or so. Shortly before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and given a prescription to replace the missing thyroxine, I had got to the stage of snoring all the time, even when I was awake. Every time I relaxed, the swelling in my throat started to block my airway and I'd make the most extraordinary grunting snoring noise - I think I didn't hear the television properly for a couple of months because the sound was mostly drowned out by the noise in my throat.

Anyway, I woke up late afternoon and Mr J informed me that the internet was now available throughout the house.

So I wasted no time yesterday in choosing and ordering a henhouse for 'the girls' to live in when they first arrive and until the chicken condo is completed. I looked at the pros and cons of different designs and how they would work for the space we have and I've chosen a Cocoon 4000WX. Even though the girls will be able to roam around the small holding during the day, they will like having a secure place to sleep at night. And I like that this henhouse is raised especially as I have spotted a small family of rats in the woodshed and I'd rather that they didn't have a small dark space in which to make a home under the henhouse. It will also save my back aching too much when cleaning the henhouse if I don't have to bend down so low and this model has an opening roof which will give me easier access to their indoor living space to clean it and to check on them if I need to.
Once the henhouse arrives (which hopefully will be tomorrow), I will review it and may even try to make a short video about putting it together. On today's agenda (after another 4.20am wake up) is to create a Christmas wreath for my sister and weather permitting, to put some more glass into the greenhouse.



  1. Good afternoon Liz. Have just caught up on the past few days, starting with the sad news about Archie. Really sorry to hear the news. Happy though that you seem to be really settling into your new home. Your new home being the operative words. Well done, hope you both have a wonderful Christmas x

    1. Thanks Tiny, yes we are gutted about Archie. The house is really starting to feel like home now, loads of light, loads of warmth, loads of love. It feels pretty much perfect! Hope you both have a great Christmas too and hopefully we'll see you in the New Year. x

  2. I love reading about what's going on in your world.. However I may need to start eating before I read it as your cooking always looks wonderful!
    And the henhouse is a fantastic choice it is what we have for ours, although ours is a little customised now with roofing felt round the nesting box to keep our urban foxes out! Cx


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