Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gently, gently.

After the stressful exertions of yesterday, today has been a complete contrast. Mr J got up early to return the hired van, while I stayed at home and pottered. Actually the pottering comprised several hours of putting things away in drawers and cupboards, arranging the kitchen so that it flows in the way that I prepare food, but it felt gentle and pleasing and without a time pressure.
We ate lunch looking out of the huge kitchen doors, watching the wind blowing through the trees in the garden and agreed how lucky we are to have found this place and been able to buy it.
By early afternoon, Archie, the cat had explored the ground floor and had started to settle down.  Still tired from the last 12 days of activity, we decided to have a very gentle afternoon, Archie curled up on Mr J’s lap as they both had a snooze on the sofa in front of the fire.
We are still without a cooker, which will be installed on Thursday, so I have been practising my production skills with the microwave. I made a lemon drizzle cake to go with a cup of tea, it wasn’t entirely successful but was edible. Actually, thinking about it, a lemon drizzle cake would have to be pretty awful for me not to eat it!
Today had a very peaceful feel to it, it has given me the head space to think about the garden and firm up some of my ideas. I wandered across the paddock (which will become the fruit and vegetable garden) between showers to get a few minutes of fresh air and to pace out the distance to give me a rough idea of how much weed suppressing membrane to order for the pathways. As we plan to garden organically and using lots of permaculture principles, there isn’t the option of using weed-killers so I’m going to use a barrier method, exclude the light and eventually the weeds should die off.

To end the gentle day, I am going to have an early night and catch up on some of the sleep I missed in the last few days.

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