Saturday, 19 December 2015

Our first chickens have arrived!

There was a gentle pace to this morning, after a 4am start, I fell back to sleep on the sofa at 7am and Mr J woke me around 8.30am with a cuppa. After breakfast, I made some bread sauce for my sister for Christmas day using my mother's secret recipe and popped it into the freezer.  Mum used to make bread sauce for us all each year and since my mother passed away, I have taken up that mantle.

I also made some fudge using my father's recipe. Dad used to make a batch of fudge just before Christmas each year and even after we'd left home and had our own families, he would make a little container full for each of us. I decided to continue this family tradition making it for my sister and daughter.

There was much excitement at home this afternoon because 'the girls' were arriving. We braved the Saturday before Christmas shopping chaos, only to discover that our corner of south east Wales was surprisingly quiet and we popped to our local farming supplies merchants to buy some chicken supplies.

Back at home, we prepared their new house with straw and sawdust as they have been used to at my daughter's home and then we waited for their arrival.

Mr J went off to his study for a while and I made a big pot of butternut squash soup for supper, which Mr J had with the bread I made this morning and I had gluten-free ciabatta rolls. Then I saw car lights along the lane and the chicken taxi had arrived. Not actually a taxi of course, my daughter's partner had brought them across the bridge to their new home.

So Bluebell (pictured), Jack and Diesel are now settled into their new henhouse and tomorrow I will take some photos of them.


  1. Chicken taxi.. Oh brilliant!!

  2. Ohh chickens. I love a good chicken. I had friends that used to keep them when I was younger and they're such funny creatures :)

    Corinne x

  3. I'm sure when the Chicken Condo is ready for them that those hens will be clucking delighted with it.


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