Saturday, 12 December 2015

RIP Archie, the cat

Well, here’s the blog post that I hadn’t anticipated having to write for several years. Archie our beloved cat has died.
He wasn’t at home when I got up this morning and didn’t come in when I called him. Three hours after I had got up and made breakfast, there was still no sign of him and so Mr J and I went out to look for him. There is always the risk when you move home that the cat decides to wander, but Archie seemed to have settled into his new surroundings so well that I felt it unlikely that he had wandered.

Our next door neighbour come out to greet us this morning (it’s the first time that we have met him) and told us that sadly he had found ‘a very large tabby cat’ that had died in the lane and had bundled him up rather than leaving him in the open with the rain pouring and wind blowing.
We introduced ourselves to the neighbour and thanked him for saving us from the shock of finding our much loved cat and we took Archie home to find a suitable tree under which to bury him. I can only guess that Archie wandered into the main road at the end of our lane and was hit by a car and had tried to come home but didn’t make it.

Archie came to live with us just under three years ago (shortly after Mr J and I starting living together), he belonged to a close friend’s son and wife who had recently had a baby and the combination just wasn’t working in their household. So Archie (known as Colin back then) came to live with us. He was a real character and very vocal, he liked to tell us about everything, he yowled when he wanted to go out or to come in or to have his cat biscuits topped up or because he was going upstairs, sitting down, about to go to sleep, you name it, Archie told us about it! The house seems very quiet without him.

He was also a highly skilled mouser (if you are squeamish skip to the next paragraph now), he would regularly catch three or four mouse-like creatures a night and loved to bring them in to show us what he had found. And he crunched them as noisily. Not long after he first arrived with us Mr J woke up one morning and asked me why I had been eating breadsticks in bed during the night (this is not something I do regularly, or in fact, ever) and I’d had to explain to him that it wasn’t me but was Archie eating a vole.

Archie loved to play, he would chase the little green light spot from a laser pen light up and down the stairs for ages before getting bored and in the summer would chase sticks thrown for him (he never learnt to bring them back though). He was affectionate and sought us out for a cuddle and fuss every day, rolling onto his back so that we could tickle his tummy, armpits and under his chin.

So we have locked the cat flap and picked up, washed and put away his bowls. They will all be needed again before too long, but for now we want a couple of weeks to get over the unpleasant surprise and remember him.

It really hasn’t been the best of days today and I will leave recording what else we have done for the last couple of days until tomorrow.


  1. My sympathies. My mum always said to remember our pets with fondness and a smile. Flighty xx

  2. Archie was originally my son Henry's cat, we were all so pleased that Liz and cat hit it off, he wasn't the common sort of cat and either loved or hated people, there was no aloof disdain, so it wasn't a given that Liz would be able to adopt him. He might have decided that Liz was NOT a lovely lady, after all, although he loved Henry, he didn't love Henry's baby, but he seriously tucked his paws under her table from day one and very quickly, he became like a new and delightful kitten cat again.

    All I can say is thank you Liz, Archie had a very loving home with you and also one which suited his temperament. RIP Old chap xxxx


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