Monday, 21 December 2015

The rain dance

It's our anniversary today or at least the day we have chosen to nominally call our anniversary as we can't recall the exact date that we decided to go out with each other. It's also been a busy day and a rainy one too.

Since I became ill with thyroid and adrenal problems, I usually manage only about four to five hours a night before pain wakes me and keeps me awake. Last night I slept on and off for almost seven hours and woke up feeling pretty good about it.

Anyway, once it got light enough to see a couple of feet in front of me, I let the chickens out of their little house and into their run for a scratch about. I headed into the stables to continue to clear them and get them ready to be made into the chicken condo. My vision for the condo is a large secure run with a cosy nesting area at the rear, which will give the girls somewhere to be on rainy days when they don't want to be out and about free-ranging. By the time I went back inside for a cuppa it was mid-morning and pouring with rain yet again.

Mr J and I spent a while chicken watching and then turned our attention to the inside of our house. Since we moved all our belongings here, we have tackled a little bit of sorting out each day, not feeling any great rush to put things away until we know what we want to keep where. Today's effort was very productive, all of our clothes are now folded and put away in drawers, a mirror has been hung above the fireplace in the bedroom, a clock put up on the wall, the ceiling light's standard light bulb replaced with an energy efficient one and a new lampshade installed.

During lunch the wind and rain outside got terrible and I was worried about the chickens getting too cold and wet. So Mr J and I went out to put together some sort of make-shift additional shelter for them. In torrential rain and the wind gusting at us we constructed an extra shelter around their pen so that they wouldn't get so blown at and the rain wouldn't pour into their run. Unfortunately, the chickens didn't seem entirely impressed with our efforts and clearly demonstrated their contempt by huddling next to the gate into the field, eyeing their now not-so-chic henhouse and making disdainful clucking noises at us. Cue the comedy sketch. Mr J and I each took a position to try to 'funnel' the girls towards their drier and wind-protected run. They were having none of it. It would have been easier to catch a greased pig than to encourage this trio towards a comfortable place. And as we were about to give up, they suddenly decided to make a beeline for home and enjoy their newly sheltered shelter.

We headed back indoors, soaked to the skin, rain dripping off our coats and hats, muddy boots and soggy trousers to make tea and laugh at ourselves. And at that point, the sun came out!

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  1. Brilliant! Reminds me of trying to catch Jack to bring to you. Normally she stops to let you pick her up but nope I ran round the garden after her a good 20 times before Andy walked out and got her in one!
    I'm glad they are settling in nicely x


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