Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Treasured memories

My body clock is still not working very well and so I was up at ten to five again this morning. Watching the sun rise over the Severn Estuary was lovely and the sky looked very dramatic as the wintery sunlight cut slashes of watery gold through heavy grey clouds.
We went back to our rented house this morning to pack up and retrieve more of the smaller belongings, I am stunned at how much ‘stuff’ we have accumulated and although I can be ruthless about getting rid of things, I am also rather sentimental and just can’t bring myself to discard things that evoke special memories.

There have been moments over the last couple of weeks that I shall remember and treasure forever. The sheer delight and relief on Mr J’s face we got the phone call to say that we had exchanged contracts for the purchase of our little smallholding, the slightly surreal feeling when we arrived to collect the keys, the moments of tranquillity I’ve found when standing very still and looking at the views surrounding us here and the laughter of a shared moment of humour between us. And there has been a lot of laughter!

Tomorrow our home has visitors. Roy, the electrician, is coming to install the cooker and the telephone engineer is coming to sort out all things telephonic (I hope). I am looking forward to being able to cook a meal rather than microwave processing and Mr J tells me that he is looking forward to eating our first proper meal in our new home.
But for tonight, we have the place to just the three of us, myself, Mr J and Archie, the rather contented cat.


  1. I am so pleased that it has all come together for you both, and Archie off course :-)

  2. So happy for you both. Can't wait to come and visit in the new year Rachel x


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