Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tying up loose ends

What a hectic couple of days it has been. We have been back and forth to our previous rented house collecting the last of our belongings, cleaning and putting back up the things that we took down when we moved there (like old roller blinds and shelving).
Last night I found time to put up our Christmas tree which I will talk about another time, but I am rather pleased with how nice it looks in our new living room.

Today, the last thing I did before I left the old house was to wash the last of the tiles next to where Archie used to eat his food and splatter it on the tiles. I always found this rather impressive as he was a dry food cat, so I wasn’t sure what there was for him to splatter.

So that’s it, my last visit to our rented house is done. Mr J has to go back there tomorrow to do a handover of the keys while I wait at home for BT to come to install the internet equipment (that’s taken almost 3 weeks so far – but that’s another story and one that is far too boring to tell).

I had thought that I might feel a bit sad to finally leave the building where we have lived for the last two and a half years, but I felt nothing except for relief. Relief that we have finally cleared our things from it, cleaned it and can walk away from it. My heart is already settled in our small holding, even if our belongings aren’t put away, sorted out or organised, it is our home and it’s full of laughter and love.

It feels like there hasn’t been much time for reflection recently and so I am looking forward to having more time over the rest of this week to think about life, our home, the garden and my family. I am also looking forward to being to look after myself better. The last three weeks of moving have been hard emotionally and physically, especially having spent so much of the last few months bed bound.
I am worn out and need a bit of time to rest and potter gently and regain my resources. I am once again showing many of the symptoms that sent me to the doctor’s surgery six months ago. It seems however, that too much stress and doing too much adversely affects my well-being, as of course they do for everyone, and right now I am starting to show lots of signs that I am becoming unwell again. So we’ll nip that in the bud before it gets any worse thank you!  I am sure that with more time to potter in the garden, prepare nice home-cooked food and being able to relax more, I will pick up again fairly quickly.

Mr J and I are missing Archie dreadfully, the house seems very quiet and my morning routine just isn’t the same without him. I wake up ridiculously early, mostly because of my illness, but I have always been a morning person and it is odd now, to get up and not have a morning cuddle with the cat while I have my first cup of tea. I am looking forward to being able to find a new handsome fellow to join me for a quiet half hour each day (I mean a feline friend of course!).
I am also beginning to think about the animals that we’d like to keep in the garden. The three chickens that I have persuaded my daughter to let me have should be with us very soon and I’d like some others in the spring or before if I can find them, and I’d also like some ducks.

I have mentally allocated an area in the garden for the ducks and have the fencing ready to put up when either Mr J or I get the time and have chosen a suitable duck house for them which I will order later in the week and have a large shallow container which will be their pond until such time as a large pond has been created in a different area of the garden (at which time no doubt the ducks will want to move their home). But all that is in the future, for now I just need to order the duck house and find some ducks that are suitably ‘us’. These ducks are not going to be ornamental birds, they will need to earn their keep by laying eggs and eating slugs and snails, two things which I understand ducks do quite well. I’d really like some Aylesbury ducks, the ones that look like Jemima Puddleduck, but we shall see.

As I write I am getting tired, so will go and find my chair and put my feet up, I think after the last three weeks of moving, cleaning and sorting Mr J and I have earned a rest.

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