Monday, 4 January 2016

Busy pyjama day

It's been a busy pyjama day, not that my pyjamas were busy, that would be silly (and impossible), no it was a busy day given that I haven't felt up to getting dressed.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to put up a plastic panel as a temporary measure on the stable that will be the chicken condo as the rain has been pouring in and soaking everything in the stable. The driving rain had even managed to get inside the nesting box and I didn't like the idea of the girls being soaked as they tried to lay their eggs.
A few screws and a couple of nails later there's an ugly second-hand twin wall plastic panel as a makeshift rain protector in place. It looks unattractive but seems to be doing the job. 
Eventually the open sections of the stable walls will be filled with chicken wire on the three sides and clear acrylic sheeting along the section where our makeshift shelter panel is now as that's where the rain comes in the most.

When I went to let the girls out this morning (coat thrown over my PJs) there were no eggs for us, but by mid-morning they had laid three large eggs. Two of them weighed 71g and one 60g, how clever of them to lay two that were exactly the same weight.

Mr J and I looked at what tasks we could do in the house. So we tackled the task of taking down the curtain pole that was left in the lounge when we moved in and we put up a batten and curtain track and then Mr J popped a 'ding meal' in the microwave for our lunch. This afternoon I have been adjusting the curtains in the lounge. I originally made them about 12 years ago for my bedroom in an Edwardian house with a tall, large bay window. Since then they have moved with me to three rented homes before coming here. Now we are in our permanent home, I will take them up properly to fit their new space.
It has rained heavily today, there's been almost no let up in the rain which has put a dampener on my enthusiasm for any outdoor activity. Roads in Monmouthshire have been flooded and closed, I am so glad that I haven't had to travel anywhere today. Hopefully tomorrow there will be an improvement in the weather and in my energy level.

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