Sunday, 10 January 2016

Curious Case of the Capsicum

It's been a very quiet Sunday, we popped to our local farmers' supplies store this morning and still feeling rather ropey after last week's set back with my adrenal glands, I've had a horizontal afternoon watching nature programmes and a Disney cartoon.

Then this evening I had a peculiar text conversation with my daughter and here's what we said.

D. What is that?! Can I still eat the edges?!
M. Is it a baby pepper growing inside?
D. Oh maybe
M. I wouldn't eat any of it unless it looks like veg too. I think it would put me off eating the whole thing.

M. Have you tried cutting in to it?
D. No.
M. It looks even yuckier now!
D. I'm scared lol

M. Oh that's grim
D. Yes haha

D. Lol it's freaking me out
M. Cut it in half and photo
D. That means touching it
M. Knife and fork?
M. Well I'll be.
D. The pepper looked totally normal from the outside.

I've never seen this before, a pepper growing inside a pepper. My lucky daughter got two for the price of one!

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  1. And I'm sure Andy will enjoy eating it for lunch tomorrow Hehhee


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