Sunday, 17 January 2016

Family, weekend and willows

On Friday morning I spent a gentle hour continuing to clear the stable to make the chicken condo, the girls had other ideas. The contents of the stable floor are being piled up in the garden to rot down over the next few years. I am not keen to put too much into the main compost heap in case the hay is full of grass seeds and I unintentionally fill the beds with grass. The large pile of hay and wood shavings, once rotted down, will be spread under the new hedge as it won't matter if grass grows there.

Saturday morning was a family filled affair, with visits from my sister and my daughter and her family. Grandson number one is such a delight to spend time with, at four years old he is bright and cheerful, inquisitive and soaks up new knowledge like a sponge. He ran off to get his wellies and anorak that he keeps here so that he and his father could go and inspect the little trees that we planted in the paddock on his last visit. Grandson number two is now nine weeks old and has learnt to smile and even giggle, I am totally smitten.

After lunch I brought the unplanted hedging plants inside to the boot room to ensure that they don't get frosted before I manage to get them in the ground and I took the opportunity to take a few cuttings.

Cutting lengths of about 18 inches off the top of the willow stems, I then put them in a tall bottle filled with water and placed it on the kitchen windowsill. Hopefully in a couple of months they will have sprouted some healthy roots and I can add the new plants to our yet-to-be-planted hedge that will go around the fruit and vegetable garden.
By early afternoon I was exhausted and spent the remainder of the day on the sofa and headed off to bed by 8.30pm. Long gone are the days of partying on a Saturday night and funnily enough, I don't miss it at all.

Today we went to view a second hand hen house which, after a short discussion, we decided not to buy. I am itching to get a second housing area sorted so that we can get some more hens to join Bluebelle, Jack and Diesel, but we want to ensure that any new hens are integrated gently onto the smallholding so a second house in the short term is a must.

It was back to the sofa again this afternoon, frustrated that I can't do more in a day than a short trip out and pottering around at home. I have another GP appointment in a couple of weeks to discuss increasing the dose of thyroxin that I am taking, I am sure that once my dose is correct my metabolism will function nearer the rate that it should and my energy levels will increase allowing me to do more each day.

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