Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Growing success for the garden

During lunch today we enjoyed the view through the window as the sun shone on our rain soaked garden and I imagined how lovely it will be in the summer when it's warm enough for us to open the doors from the kitchen to the patio. And then I glanced down at the trays of garlic cloves.
Quick flashback to January 2nd (just three days ago) when I planted the garlic cloves into modules in the kitchen. We balanced a wide board between two chairs and put the trays of garlic cloves next to the window. Luckily we have a large enough kitchen to dedicate the space to the plants.
Back to today, I couldn't quite believe what I was looking at. I am amazed and delighted to have seen how the garlic is settled into its soil. On closer inspection, the garlic hasn't just settled in, but it's started growing!
And it's not just one clove, there are signs of life in most of them, time to do a happy dance!
All these green shoots will swiftly turn into little plants and will need to be moved to the greenhouse to make space for more seeds to be sown inside the house. This reminds me that we need to complete the installation of the greenhouse glass.
There are so many jobs that need doing in both the house and garden, some small and simple, others will take longer or need materials or tools that we have yet to source. I've been making a list of the smaller tasks so that I can tick them off as we get them completed, it's a great way to help me feel like we are making some progress.
This afternoon's task is to find out where our local building supplies, glazing supplies and timber merchant are located and to work out how much wood I will need to build some raised beds. My garden plan will need 20 beds this year, but I think we will make them into raised beds bit by bit as time, energy and funds allow. But before I do that bit of research, I think it's time for a cuppa.


  1. I now have an image in my head of you and Mr J doing a happy dance surrounded by the pungent aroma of freshly grown garlic, kind of a garlic dance, like a rain dance, only more aromatic!

  2. Hehe smelly dance!!!! I can't wait to cook with your crops this year! Yummy yummy! Home grown always tastes much better!


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