Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Positive Outlook

After so much rain and wind in the last few weeks, I've enjoyed the sunshine today. I particularly like it when it's cold but sunny and took advantage of the sunshine to take a few photos. This cheerful little crocus is one of several that are in a flower manger hanging on the wall at the front of the house. I hadn't noticed them in bud, but they certainly stand out now.
The view of the sun rising over South Gloucestershire and Bristol was beautiful again this morning. Mr J is becoming skilled in taking very atmospheric photos.

Mr J also took this lovely photo looking across part of the yard toward the paddock while I sat on the patio outside the house (and out of view) enjoying the unexpected warmth.

We placed and secured the next section of weed supressing membrane in the paddock that will become the fruit and vegetable garden. It's a very slow process at the moment as I want to be involved in all the garden creating work but I get tired quickly. These sections will become pathways with raised beds to the sides.

The girls came to join in our activities, they are so nosey and can't bear to be missing out (on a potential meal!). They are great entertainment and are also supplying us with eggs that have the richest, deep yellow yolks and that taste better than almost any egg we've had before.

Just a few hours of bright sunshine have lifted our spirits again. There are parts of the garden where the sun didn't get to at all today and in those places the frost hasn't melted all day, but where the sun has reached it has been warm and bright and uplifting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be plenty more days like this ahead.

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  1. I much prefer it cold and sunny too. I like the crocus, and look forward to seeing mine before too long. Flighty xx


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