Thursday, 7 January 2016

Recycle, reuse, relax

We've had a productive day. After a great night's sleep and a cup of tea in bed (what a treat!) I cooked a breakfast omelette filled with mushrooms, broccoli and a sprinkling of cheese. Mid-morning Mr J and I headed out to our local town to do a few essential chores.

Then it was back home to wait for some deliveries that were due today and typically one delivery had arrived while we were out.  Surprisingly the delivery driver had just left it on the doorstep. I wasn't best pleased at the 'dump it and run' approach to deliveries but was jolly pleased to have the bits and pieces that I'd ordered. I now have enough weed supressing membrane to complete the fruit and vegetable garden layout (I hope) and extra strong metal pegs to hold it down with. They look like giant staples and do a very good job at holding the membrane flat on the ground, even on our very exposed site.

Whilst was drinking my cuppa first thing this morning, I'd spotted an advert on Gumtree for reclaimed wood and contacted the seller to see if it was still available and whether he could deliver. My luck was in, the wood was not only still available but he could deliver it today.

The activity of the morning left me worn out, it really doesn't take very much to tire me at the moment so I had an afternoon of snoozing on the sofa. When we went outside to put the chickens inside for the night and await the wood delivery, Mr J took some great photographs of the clouds with the sun behind them, like the one above that clearly demonstrates that some clouds really do have silver linings.

At 4.30 this afternoon, exactly as promised the seller of the wood arrived. Mr J and the seller unloaded the wood and I helpfully got in the way.
I've found that there are lots of ways to get hold of reclaimed wood. Some towns have wood recycling projects like Bristol Wood Recycling Project and Reseiclo Wood Recycling in Newport and there are lots of architectural salvage yards to be found tucked away in all sorts of places. There are online auction sites, free recycling sites (like freecycle) and Gumtree.
These fabulous lengths of chunky 2" by 4" wood are all going to be recycled, the screws and nails will be removed from them and then we will build some raised beds for the fruit and vegetable garden. Actually we should be able to build quite a lot of raised beds!

But not yet, the weather is due to turn cold (and probably wet) again in the next week or two and there is no point in damaging the soil structure in the paddock just to get them built sooner. So until the soil dries enough to build the beds in situ, we can start to remove the screws and nails and get the wood prepared for reuse at a leisurely pace.


  1. Nice work, and if its not any good then chuck it on the log burner. Free heating :-)

    1. What was that Gumbie, you two fancy coming over to help remove nails and screws? That'd be splendid!

  2. It's good when something like the timber is available and delivered as promised. Certainly sounds like you're going to be busy over the coming months. Flighty xx


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