Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Caged Bird

It's been a pretty normal and gentle day here on our little smallholding. Following a poor night's sleep I have been indoors for most of the day, curled up on the sofa with a roaring fire to warm me, body and soul. Mr J has brought in lots of wood to keep the fire topped up,

About an hour before the light was due to fade, we wrapped up warmly and ventured outside to give the chickens some mixed corn to keep them going through the long, cold night ahead. Bluebelle and Jack raced around the corner from behind the piggeries to greet us. Bluebelle is particularly fond of running up to Mr J and walking 'to heel' so that she can be the first to have anything on offer, yet I've noticed that if we have a tub of mite powder in our hands, she is nowhere to be seen (how does she know I wonder).

The third chicken, Diesel, didn't join them so we called for her. The chickens are familiar and comfortable enough with us now to come when we call them, at least to have a look to see if we have anything on offer that they may be interest in. She still didn't join us, so I went to find her.

Mr J got to enjoy yet another of my 'come here now, faster than lightning' yells. (I really must learn to be calmer when I get a surprise).

Along the side of the piggeries is a narrow pathway that we haven't yet tackled. The previous owners have done an amazing job in clearing a pathway immediately next to the piggeries and next to that there's an overgrown hedge before it dips down to an additional strip of land about two feet wide beside a pig netting and post fence. So actually there's a ha-ha then the post and netting fence that borders the fields surrounding our garden. 

Anyway, tucked into the ha-ha (the dip part of it) was a hoop of rolled of pig netting that has been carefully rolled and secured to form a hoop that's about four feet across. Diesel had managed to get herself into the centre of it and couldn't get out!

I was worried for her but also couldn't help but laugh a little as I kept having an image of Tweety-Pie in its cage popping into my mind. Diesel did a few rather comical, feeble little jumps, which quite honestly looked like a rather pathetic attempt to free herself. This gave us time (to giggle) to assess the best way to free her. Mr J and I carefully lifted up the roll of pig netting up and away from her and stored it in the back of the piggeries.

We both thought that she would come rushing to us in gratitude and joy at being released but Diesel seemed less than impressed at being set free from her temporary captivity and spent the next ten minutes strutting up and down the dipped area beyond the overgrown hedge while we stood like a couple of (now very cold) lemons trying to encourage her back through a little gap in the hedge to join us

It was only when she saw Mr J offering some mixed corn to the other girls that she left her new playground. Appealing to the chicken's stomach wins yet again!

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  1. Ha sounds about right! She was the first chicken who worked out she could jump up and climb inside the kids Wendy house to shelter from the rain. . Rather than walk 10 feet to their house in our garden. She then clucked for a good ten minutes til I opened the door to let her out again. It has open windows which she had entered through but couldn't work out how to get out! She is full of adventurous behaviour with you! Cheeky choock!


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