Monday, 15 February 2016

A constructive weekend

Mr J and I have had a busy weekend. Having built an extension to the chicken run last week, we turned our attention to the inside of the stable. We shared a few smiles about the romance of spending Valentine's Day morning mucking out. There's nothing like a couple of hours of shovelling partly rotted hay, sawdust and manure together to make you feel close to each other.

Half way through the morning we realised that we were starting to get short of space in the compost bin and not wanting to overload it with one type of material, we decided that we needed to make another compost bin. A quick search in the piggeries yielded two more pallets to strap to the existing compost bin as an extension.

We are rather short of green material for the compost bin at the moment, but as the year goes on I am sure there will be plenty available and I'll add it to the bin as I get it. Once we have created some more compost bins in other areas of the garden I can incorporate more of the partly rotted sawdust from the pile which I have been building behind the compost bins.

After a good wash and a bit of lunch, I settled down on the sofa to watch the Italy v England match while Mr J worked in his study. Mr J presents a couple of radio shows each week, one is his Retro Album Chart which features two years each week and plays tracks from the albums that were in the charts on that week of the particular year that he's selected. It's quite nice to listen to songs that I'd forgotten about and he tends to play the less obvious choice of track from each album, whenever he can.

The other show is the Titus Jennings Experience, which is a selection of songs that he's chosen. Sometimes there's a theme to the programme, sometimes he's inspired by an event, but the one thing each programme has in common is that the music isn't confined to one genre. Some programmes I like almost all the songs, other week's I am not so keen, but then, that's the joy of variety. His programmes can be heard on a few different stations and archived shows can also be found on his blog at

Late afternoon we decided to tackle the kitchen island which we are creating from the kitchen units that we found via Gumtree. We've been using it at the height it was when we got the units, but really that was too high by the time my butcher's block was sitting on top of the cupboards. So we removed the legs that came with the units and created a base for them from reclaimed 2 x 4 wood (another Gumtree find). We bolted the base units together and rehung doors and all that's left to do is for us add the decorative panels to the sides and to buy a new piece of work surface to go on top of it. The kitchen looks so much better now that it isn't dominated by the units in the middle of it and it's more functional too.

I have finally been able to empty all the boxes of cooking utensils into the cupboards. The utensils have been in extra large plastic tubs on the floor for the last two months, which although it kept them all together, wasn't very pleasing on the eye or very practical. I have toyed with giving some of the larger bowls, dishes and cake tins to a charity shop, but have decided to wait for a while in case I decide to make some large cakes for visitors during the spring and summer.

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  1. The kitchen is looking fantastic now! Can't wait to come have another yummy meal
    With you both xxx


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