Thursday, 25 February 2016

Appreciating the good

This morning the world looks good again, the beautiful sunrise is making the frost twinkle like thousands of diamonds scattered across the garden.

Tuesday was all busyness and productivity, we got most of the greenhouse glass in place or replaced (since so much of it was blown out by the storms in January) and I spent a very pleasant half hour sitting in the greenhouse with a cup of tea and a book. But the night became one of those in which I was woken by pain almost every hour and gave up on the idea of trying to sleep by 3.20am. The upshot of that was that yesterday I blithered through the day in a tired fog, my joints were swollen, tight and they punctuated the day with hot stabbing pains, leaving me feeling a mixture of nausea and grumpiness. I slept for an hour in the afternoon, but that's really not enough to refresh either the body or mind after so little rest the night before.
By 9.30pm I looked a (not-so-pretty) picture, my eyes were bloodshot and complexion was grey, I alternated between fiery hot and glacier cold so did the honourable thing and headed for bed and, although it took an hour or so to get off to sleep, last night was much improved. I slept almost solidly for five hours which nowadays I consider to be a pretty good night's sleep and it has had a dramatically improving effect on my health and outlook.

Yesterday brought several good things with it and it's only this morning that I am appreciating the nice things that happened (but hey, better late than never).

The kitchen table that we'd found in a local charity shop on Monday was delivered, it's a heavy pine table with curved corners (good for not hurting when you walk into the table) and has an extending leaf that can be slotted into the centre of the table when we want to seat more people. The kitchen has really come together now and as I walked through it this morning I thought it looked just lovely. Our old smaller table is not being disposed of but is going out to the barn to be used for crafts.

A couple of t-shirts that I had ordered online arrived, they are similar to ones that I bought about eighteen months ago and have worn almost daily since, which makes them incredibly good value. They are a strong green colour and I suspect that I will blend in nicely with the garden as the summer progresses.

And, Mr J also bought me a book to replace one that I'd lost over the years. The Well Chosen Garden by Christopher Lloyd was one of the first gardening books that I bought as a young mother and now thirty-two years later I am still captivated by the descriptive and informative writing and photographs.

Over the last few days, Jack and Diesel have extended the area in which they are foraging, spending increasing amounts of time at the front of the house, which means that we have a great view of them while we are pottering in the kitchen. They have taken a long time to start exploring the garden at the front of the house and true to form have now made themselves very comfortable and started sunbathing in the late wintery sunshine.

I'm looking forward to building an outside pen for the Cream Legbars so that they can enjoy some sunshine and fresh grass to scratch about in. I've been surprised at the rate at which they are now growing. At around eleven weeks old they seem to be shedding feathers constantly as new ones grow and they already have distinct tail feathers. One of the birds is larger than the others and has a much deeper colour to its breast feathers, I don't know if this is just because its older than the rest or whether there's another reason, but no doubt we will find out over the next few weeks.

So today I'd like to finish putting the glass in the greenhouse and then line it with bubble wrap to insulate it for the next month or so until the risk of frost has passed. Then I can start to move some of the plants out of the boot room so our coats smell a little less garlicky!

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