Friday, 12 February 2016

Extending the nursery run part 2

Yesterday I would have told you about finishing the chicken run, but I was side-tracked by the enormous egg that Jack laid, but finish it we did, or at least almost.

We herded the young birds into their house for a few minutes while we removed the back of their existing run and added new side lengths and a cross brace to support the old roof.

One of the reasons that Mr J and I get along so well is that we share a sense of humour and laugh a lot together. While we were fixing the side panels on to the old run I dropped one of the essential screws, as I went to look for it I muttered 'Never mind a needle in a haystack, this is like looking for a screw in a hay sack', which had us both giggling.
Then we reattached the back panel to our new side sections and let the girls out to explore their new space. I forgot to do a grand opening or even to say 'You all ready to see your Fixer Upper?'  We have doubled the amount of room that they have to scratch about in, which should be enough for them until we have finished making the chicken condo predator proof.
Disappointingly the birds didn't look ecstatic at suddenly having so much more space to explore. I don't know what I had expected them to do, it's not like they were going to do cartwheels and let off fireworks, but I just thought that they would look more, well, impressed.
But it didn't take them long to mix the next wood shavings with the old and make it look like they had always had this much space. While they were busy scratching about in their extended run and kicking the wood shavings all over their food dish, Mr J and I went back to the work bench. We constructed a roof section which we covered in thick polythene and attached that to the run keeping the little girls contained.
Finally I will cover the roof with chicken wire over the polythene which will give the hens a rain shelter when the run gets moved outdoors in a few weeks.



  1. Looks brilliant! Bless them .. I am here imagining chicken cartwheels Haaaa

  2. It's all looking good. Flighty xx


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