Sunday, 28 February 2016

Family celebrations and exploring new territory

Joyful! That's the very best way to describe my weekend.
Yesterday I opened the door to the chicken house and run where the little chickens have been living since they arrived with us. They weren't as cautious as I thought they might be and were very soon scratching about in the chicken condo.

We allowed the new cream legbar chickens to mingle with Jack and Diesel. I expected feathers to fly and much pecking and squawking to happen and apart from a little peck here and there from the big girls, it was a relatively amicable affair. Perhaps this was because we have had the little ones in a run for three weeks so that Jack and Diesel have got used to seeing them around.
 After a few minutes the little birds retreated back to the security of their run, Mr J and I are convinced that they have grown overnight since their excursion into the big wide world beyond the chicken wire of their run. (I had obviously just grabbed the first clothes that I could lay my hands on yesterday, if I had known that I was going to have my photo taken I might not have sported the floral, check, Christmas socks and clogs combo!)
I tidied up some more in the greenhouse which is now as fully glazed as it's going to be for a while. I can't do the final panes of glass until I have moved a small apple tree which is directly behind the greenhouse. I'm plan to move it into the paddock next to the existing fruit trees so that it doesn't shade the greenhouse or that it's branches don't break the glass as they get blown about in the wind.

Today Mr J and I put on our Sunday best (how odd not to be wearing wellies) and we headed off to Bath to attend grandson number two's baptism service. I really like family celebrations with my daughter Cecily, they are relaxed and so full of love. She has a close circle of friends whom she has known since university and they feel like family too. Both grandsons behaved beautifully, number two managed to smile and gurgle happily all the way through his baptism. After the service we all went to Cecily and her partner's house to celebrate, we even had cheese and pineapple on sticks (as no party is a proper party without them!). I find something very comforting and special about these family moments and I treasure them.


  1. It truly was a beautiful day! And I'm so thankful to be able to share the special times with the people I love!
    --> also I love the floral check Christmas sock and cloves combo!! Xx

  2. Clogs** - oh dear tired fingers this morning!


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