Thursday, 11 February 2016

Have you heard the one about the egg?

As I started to write this post, I imagined all those awful puns that include the word egg (Oh no, I hear you eggsclaim!) and have tried to put them out of my head for the next few minutes.

Jack and Diesel are our two pet chickens, they can roam our smallholding as they please, at dusk they go to bed and are locked safely into their henhouse each evening, but otherwise they have just under an acre in which to wander, scratch, dig up good things for chickens to eat and dust bathe. They have what many would consider a charmed and lovely life. Recently the egg laying has become a little less reliable with 3 eggs being laid in 2 days, so one or the other of them often has a day off. That's fair enough, it's been cold and wet (it is winter after all) and it must be pretty miserable if you have to stay in the stables to play rather than running around outside.

Anyway, the girls laid two lovely eggs yesterday, one of which I had at breakfast and the other was put on the egg rack ready for today. Diesel lays medium size mid brown eggs, usually weighing between 55g - 65g, while Jack lays paler large eggs usually weighing around 73g - 83g. We date the eggs to make sure that we eat them in order of freshness and that one doesn't sit around for too many days and we weigh them out of curiosity. We use a chalk pencil to gently write the date and weight on each egg.

This morning I went to let the girls out of their cosy henhouse and Jack was making a lot of noise, I was a few minutes later than usual but really only a few. She was less than impressed and ran out into the garden muttering not-so-quietly to herself.

I let the new Cream Legbars out of their henhouse into their run (as they don't get to roam yet) and cleaned out their house before moving on to clean Jack and Diesel's house. I removed the chicken poop and soiled woodshavings and straw and then collected the egg that Jack had laid. I have no words for what I found, so here are the photos.

No wonder Jack had so much to say this morning!


  1. Goodness, I wonder if that egg is a double yolker. Flighty xx

  2. I have a word for it.. 'Ouchhhhh'


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