Friday, 5 February 2016

Making the best of it all

It's been a tough week physically but lots of fun. There have been a couple of afternoons where I have felt so rotten that I've given up on the day and headed to bed but thankfully have woken up the next morning feeling well again. So I've been making the most of the times that I feel good and continued to make the kitchen curtains, preparing small areas of the garden and clearing out the old stables to become the chicken condo. All good stuff.

I came across some photos that I took on 8th February 2007 when I lived in Mid Wales, I had forgotten just how snowy it has been in the winter recently and am jolly pleased that we aren't having the same snow laden winter this year (as I am not much a fan of snow).

I remember taking this photo looking up through a lilac tree and thinking how striking it would be.
This photo was taken from my bathroom window, the snow was falling so heavily that the hill behind our house was invisible.
Here's another view of the lilac tree and the hedge beyond it. My car froze that winter and remained frozen solid for about three weeks. Brrr!

Anyway, yesterday an old friend (not old in age, but old in the length of time we've been friends) Clare came for a cuppa and a catch up. Clare is renovating a late Victorian mid-terrace house and came to talk about her choices of paint colours, not that she needed advice. We chatted about all sorts of things including pensions, vans (and how useful they are) and our families. We've been friends for almost thirty years and there's not much we  can't and don't chat about.

Today I have been back to my GP to review the results of the latest blood tests. It is nice to have a GP that I feel I can discuss my health issues with properly and that she is happy to work with me to look at all the options rather than just write a prescription and send me away. So armed with a printed copy of the results, I can spend a bit of time researching further how best to support my endocrine system to work as well as possible. I've read and use Izabella Wentz's book Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lifestyle Interventions for Finding The Root Cause and website thyroid pharmacist.

The weather looks like it's going to be pretty wet and windy this weekend, so probably not a great weekend for gardening. Excellent, that means that I can spend some time reading, researching and also watching the 6 Nations opening matches on the television.

Now that we have a second hen house we can have a few more hens, as we'll need to keep them separated from our bossy girls for a week or so while they get used to each other.
So tomorrow we are off to collect six little crested cream legbar chickens, like these ones and, once they are a little older they should start laying some lovely blue eggs. One way and another it's likely to be an exciting weekend.


  1. Good post and lovely pictures. I especially like the first one. Enjoy your weekend. Flighty xx

  2. Thanks Flighty, it was lovely to find these photos again. x

  3. Ohhh gosh I had forgotten just how much snow we got! Beautiful pictures Cx


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