Monday, 1 February 2016

Making Monday

One morning last week I took this photo of the lovely sunrise, I've been saving it to share on a day when the weather is too horrid to be able to get outside. I think today counts as a bad weather day.

This morning I started making the curtains for the huge kitchen doors. The whole of one wall is glazed with fabulous sliding folding doors that open up the house to the garden (or it will when the weather is nice enough). Shortly after we had agreed to buy the house I spotted just the fabric for the task on ebay. It is a vintage Laura Ashley fabric, a design from the mid 1980s with small florettes on a sand colour background and fortunately the seller had a long length of it.

So I dug out the trusty old sewing machine, ironing board and iron, wiped the dust of all of them and found the rest of the curtain making kit and spent a productive morning making three of the eight curtains that are needed.

After lunch I put the curtain making on hold until tomorrow. I've slightly overdone it for the last week or so and have started getting tired very quickly again, so I've decided to make sure that I pace myself more sensibly this week. So I had a gentle afternoon doing a bit of research and watching a couple of television programmes that we'd recorded over the weekend.

While I was making a cuppa this evening I noticed that the willow cuttings I took a couple of weeks ago have done very well. They are sprouting roots along the full length of the stem that is sitting in water and green shoots are growing just above the water line and at the tip of the cuttings. I am delighted that they have done so well and once I have hardened them off, they will be added to the hedge that we planted last week.

It's been blustery and wet day outside as the next weather front sweeps its way across the country. I've heard the external wall lights rattling, the rain beating down and the wind howling, but inside we've been toasty warm and cosy. The house is well insulated and the wood burning stove throws out a lot of heat, added to this we have a quilted bed-throw on the sofa for us to snuggle under if it does become cooler. Most evenings it is so warm in the lounge that I only need a t-shirt, and the thermal vest and socks that have been my constant companions for the last few winters, sit idly in a drawer. Whilst I am not a fan of winter, I am enjoying the cosiness of being in our house during these wet and windy spells.

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