Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Sunshine after the storm

What a difference a day makes. Storm Imogen blew fiercely across our little smallholding on Monday, so we did the sensible thing and stayed indoors for most of the day. Then yesterday it all got a lot calmer outside, we had a good walk around and checked for any damage done and other than losing a couple of panes of glass from the greenhouse, nothing was damaged.  Inside our home, we tidied and sorted and put up a curtain rail in the bedroom (after all we've only lived here for two months!). During the afternoon, I rested (and possibly snoozed) on the sofa while Mr J worked in his study.

Today the sun came out again which meant that I headed outdoors for the best part of the day. Nowadays everything takes me so much longer than it did before I became unwell, so what I used to achieve in a couple of hours can now take me most of the day, however I'm happy that I am still able do as much as I do and with Mr J's help I can achieve most of what I'd like to.

The girls, Jack and Diesel were delighted that it was a dry day and raced off to the back of the piggeries to catch the morning sun and then moved towards the side of the house as the sun moved around the sky. They have a favoured place between the greenhouse and a fence where it is sheltered from the breeze that comes across from the estuary but still gets plenty of sunshine.
The Cream Legbar chickens are very well settled into their new home with us and are growing rapidly. We felt it was time to increase the amount of space that they have access to. They will be moved out into an enclosed pen in the paddock when they are bigger and weather warms up a little, but in the meantime they could really do with a larger run in which to scratch about.
So I measured and cut some 2 by 1 and found a 4 by 1 length of wood to use while Mr J went to the local town to do a few errands. When he came back, he helped me screw the battens together to make end frames for the run extension.
Then I fixed some chicken wire to the frame to keep the little hens securely inside their improved run. Tomorrow we will make a roof panel and then attach all of it to the existing run to double the floor space that they have.

I am fascinated by the speedy development of these birds, they are looking healthy and happy and seem to be physically changing on a daily basis. Because Jack and Diesel came to us at 18 months old, we haven't experienced pullets before and I'm really enjoying watching them change and mature.


  1. We must arrange to bring you some additional panels for your babies as we have a set of 10 very easily adjusted panels. Although yours look just as sturdy! Glad you got some sunshine! Cx

    1. Thank you. Perhaps your partner could pop them over the bridge to us one weekend. x

  2. A sunny day at this time of year is always welcome. Flighty xx


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