Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wet and dry garden days

Yesterday was a wash out, it rained non-stop and I wasn't well. The highlight of the day was spotting 15 sparrows sheltering in the front of the stable, all of them hopping about picking up bits of corn and seeds dropped by the chickens or possibly by us. I also had a bad day healthwise, my adrenals were hurting, I was quite swollen particularly in my legs and in the early evening had a horrid allergic reaction to something. But I guess if I have to have a stay inside day because I am not feeling well, I'd rather it was a rainy day than a gloriously sunny day like today has been.

Luckily, the pain and swelling have subsided quite a bit today, so after breakfast Mr J and I drew up a new list of things to do and headed outside to tackle one of the jobs. We have moved more shrubs from various spots around the garden to the shrubbery and we also decided to continue the shrubbery around the corner of the parking area so it co-ordinates and looks more integrated.
This afternoon my sister came for a cuppa and a chat, at my request she also brought over some photo albums that she had stored from my parents' home. So over tea and homemade gluten free jam tarts we giggled at my baby photos and photos of her on a donkey, of us in matching coats when we were on holiday in Spain and Gibraltar as small children, of our brothers and of mum and dad looking so young.

I introduced the Cream Legbars to her, typically they had no manners and didn't even pause from their scratching and pecking to show her how lovely they are (Mr J managed to get this great photo of them playing in their house despite us having doubled the size of their run last week, today's game was tapping on the window with their beaks). Jack and Diesel were much more well-mannered and on cue ran over to us to see if we had anything of interest for them.

Just before the light faded I went out to take a few photos for this blog, but got side-tracked by the lovely sunset. So tomorrow, weather permitting I will take a few more photos of individual plants that are coming into flower prematurely (as so many flowers are doing this year).

The golden glow of the sun reflecting on the windows of the house this evening was delightful. I get so much pleasure from living here and feel very lucky to have found this beautiful place to call home.

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