Saturday, 5 March 2016

Plants, planting and gorgeous gifts

There have been some jolly useful dry spells between the downpours in the last few days and I have made the most of every moment outside that I could, I've also been quite busy inside too.

Most mornings I wake up between four and five and, given that this isn't a very sociable time, I have been using the pre-dawn hours to sow some seeds.

Once sown they are put into the boot room (which is a light and airy small conservatory), where there is no heating and plenty of light. I've sown early purple sprouting broccoli, leeks, lettuce, herbs including angelica, lovage, bronze fennel and a host of perennial flowers for the herbaceous border which is sited just behind the fence at the back of the shrubbery.

Outside we have made good progress with the shrubbery, we have one final bag of ornamental bark to put on the main part and I plan to wait a couple more weeks before we tackle the side area that will also be shrubbery. I am really pleased with how smart it looks now that we have transplanted the shrubs, laid weed supressing membrane and topped it with ornamental bark. I will add other shrubs as time goes on.
I wanted something that would greet us and friends as we drove in through the gate and parked and I feel that we have succeeded. It will be nice to watch the small shrubs grow and mature over the years. The second area that we will turn into a shrubbery is on the right in this photo, just in front of the post and rail fencing with the green windbreak fabric on it.
Yesterday we had a bit of a sort out indoors, although we have now been here for a little over three months, we are still sorting our belongings and moving things around as we create or decide on new storage places. Everything takes longer than it used to and whilst I have become pretty good at carrying things with one hand so that the other is free to hold a walking stick, some things just need both hands and a surge of energy to move. Anyway, Mr J and I managed to shuffle my sink unit into the bathroom and at some point in the future we will have it plumbed in to replace the pedestal sink. In the meantime, my sink unit is an ideal storage cupboard for all those bottles, jars and 'stuff' that we keep in the bathroom.
We also moved an enthusiastic spider plant from the boot room where it has lived since we moved here to the bathroom. I suspect it might take over entirely before the end of the summer, but I plan to move it outdoors once we are frost free and pot up some of the 'babies'.
I've been treated today as I've received two unexpected gifts. When I washed the mud and chicken poo from my wellies using water from one of the water butts, I realised that one of my feet was getting wet. My favourite boots had split and were now useless! As we had to pop to the local shop this morning, Mr J took a short detour and we went to the local garden centre to see if they had suitable footwear for the garden and chicken condo. If one has to have a welly fail, then the timing was perfect, as the garden centre had a half price sale on selected boots and so, without hesitation, I selected a new pair of boots with a big smile on my face. They are as comfortable as slippers and I will get masses of use from them.
The second gift was from my daughter who sent me some little trees for the garden as a Mother's Day gift.
There's a rowan, holly, silver birch and wild cherry and although they are small, they have really healthy, strong root systems and should settle into their new surroundings nicely and will remind me every time that I look at them of her love and care. What a lovely gift!


  1. I'm glad you like them. H is looking forward to watching them grow he was very excited that they would be taller than him one day! Cx

  2. Muck boots have a good reputation – I've heard them recommended a lot. Do you think they would have been worth the full price?

    1. Hi Matt, yes I think they would have. I don't need knee length boots as we don't have mud making livestock so they are just for mucking out the chicken condo and gardening. They are very comfortable but I guess I'll know how they get on with the rigours of being on my feet all day everyday in a few months time. Of course if Muck would like to send me a pair of knee high boots, I'd be happy to test them! Me J really likes them too but the garden centre didn't have his size.

  3. You've certainly been busy, and it's looking good. Lucky you with the boots and plants. Flighty xx


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