Saturday, 7 May 2016

Beauty hidden in plain sight

One of the joys (or pains) of moving to a new house is that over the first year we get to discover what has previously been planted. For us, this has been a joyful experience as the garden starts to reveal its hitherto hidden floral gems.

This beautiful magnolia was just a bunch of twigs when we moved here in early winter and I moved it from where it was near the stables into the corner of the duck enclosure, to be a part of the hedge that we will plant along the fence. I didn't know what it was, but I knew I didn't want any larger plants near the stables as I plan to put up a fence and hedge in that area. A couple of days ago I looked out of the kitchen window and saw something pink or red by the stock fence so went to investigate and there it was, flowering happily, seemingly unaware that it has been moved.
Also in the duck enclosure is an old elderberry tree, which had at some point grown inside one of the commercial greenhouses that used to be on the land. It had grown sideways, lying down in the confines of the covering but had obviously thrived. It is now starting to promise a mass of elderflowers as each branch is covered in developing flowering buds.
Just inside the front gate is a small raised bed made from sleepers which is stuffed full of some lovely fragrant leaved plants like Lavender and Nepeta (catnip) and next to that is a half barrel, which whilst I had acknowledged that it was there I hadn't really taken any notice of. I did see some small narcissi flower in it last month, but otherwise I had no idea what the twiggy little plant in it was. Well now I do and I am delighted. The vibrant coloured Azalea has certainly added a touch of pizazz to an otherwise dull little corner.
At the front of the house there is a small pergola near the front door (which we don't use) which is covered with a young Wisteria. As I was looking at the front of the house to see where the housemartins and swifts have decided to nest, I noticed that the Wisteria is now in flower.
I am looking forward to see what else comes into flower over the next few months. I have also been adding some of my favourite annuals to the mix and these Spencer variety sweetpeas should look lovely and smell heavenly as we walk through the gate into the kitchen garden.

The weather forecast is good for the rest of the weekend, so Mr J and I plan to spend at least part of it continuing to work in the kitchen garden. We will however, make sure that we take a little time to appreciate how lucky we are and how lovely the garden is.

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  1. What a lovely colour the magnolia flowers are, and I like the azalea as well. It'll be interesting to see what else there is. Flighty xx


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