Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Two little bundles of fluff

Little White
It has now become clear that we won't be having any more eggs hatching, which is a bit sad as there were three more that had started to hatch, but they didn't make it. Still, on the bright side, we have two perfect and gorgeous little chicks from our first attempt at raising chicks in an incubator.

Of course we won't be naming them, but they are being referred to as Big Red and Little White. Mr J and I are losing great chunks of the day as we sit and watch these funny little birds stumble around and find their feet.

After lunch, it had been well over 24 hours since they hatched and we realised that nothing else would be happening with the remaining eggs, so we lifted the incubator cover and I collected the chicks to put them under the brooder which will be their home for the next three or four weeks.

They have a bowl of chick crumb, which Big Red has already discovered and a water dispenser that is shallow and protected so that they can't fall into it and drown. The kitchen is filled with little cheeping sounds.

By holding my phone at ground level, I've been able to capture a few moments of life under the brooder.

If you can't see the video above, you can see it on youtube here.

Big Red
It's a gorgeous day outside and so I'm going to make the most of it and plant out some of the seedlings that have been potted on and hardened off. Mr J has just finished recording his radio shows for the week ahead and has already headed outside to get on with some jobs. I think it's time to make a cuppa and go and join him.


  1. I've found it fascinating following these posts. Shame that the others didn't hatch. Flighty xx

    1. It's been an amazing few days & I can't wait to start incubating the next batch. x


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