Thursday, 19 January 2017

Happy Duck Dance Day

I've had a very quiet day, after the push to get the chicken walkway completed I am tired, so taking things slowly and gently seemed a sensible idea.

Thankfully yesterday I had the energy to dispatch a chicken which we had for lunch today. The Jersey Giant boy was almost 27 weeks old and although there was the potential for the meat to be a little tough, it was succulent and the best tasting of our own meat chickens that we have had to date. We both agreed that we'd like to raise more Australorps and Jersey Giants this year and that perhaps the answer to raising the meat birds is to keep the boys together in their own space and just have one male in each breeding pen at a time. With a little moving of houses and building covered runs (in readiness for the next lockdown), we can keep the male meat birds in a good sized space of their own.

The chickens are now laying well and I've been gathering eight to ten eggs a day. In the nesting box of the chicken palace I found a full size egg. It would probably be an extra large egg if I was buying it in a shop. I think it was the older of the Australorp girls' eggs and over lunch Mr J and I discussed that it is heading towards the time for us to separate the Australorps and Jersey Giants. We have a house and a covered run that we can move the Australorps into and then a couple of weeks after that we should be able to incubate some of our own Australorp eggs and some Jersey Giant eggs knowing that they will be true to breed chicks.

As the sun went down today I wandered out to put the ducks to bed. I had left the water on that fills their little duck pond and it has spilled out onto the ground. The ducks seemed very happy with the resulting muddy mess. I filmed them as they were dibbling and Frederickson did a happy duck dance. This made my day!

In case the video won't play for you, it can be found on YouTube here.

In the spirit of having a gentle day, today's blog is short (but hopefully sweet), so I think it's time I put the kettle on for a fresh cuppa!
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