Background and History

I am slightly surprised to have got to over 50 years old! Mother of two, grandmother of two gorgeous grandsons. My work history includes a couple of decades in the not-for-profit sector, marketing and customer service. A love for country style interior design and beautiful but productive gardens influences my home, both inside and out. 

Home is a small semi-detached house on a little smallholding in Monmouthshire which I share with my patient and loving partner, Mr J. 

Having moved to our small holding on the last day of November 2015, I'm looking forward to creating a productive fruit and vegetable garden, introducing chickens and ducks and some experimental cooking with home produced ingredients. 

During the early part of 2015 my health took a decline and my weight increased hugely, and in late summer I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since then my adrenal glands have made themselves known, by struggling to function effectively. All of this means that I am physically slower in doing the things that I used to do and often I am worn out by lunchtime.

Creating our vegetable and fruit garden is going to be a slower process that it might have been but I'm hoping that the reduced speed will have a positive - of it being more considered in the design and choice of plants.


  1. Thank you so much for finding me on Twitter and following. I am now enjoying your blog. :-)

    Snap! I too underwent an illness and then reached 'that age' where the body starts to do all sorts of weird things. And, we 'homestead' our way through life as well, but as expats in France.

    Our lifestyle change, slowing it down as well as eating very good food, has improved our health no end, so I hope the same works for you.

  2. Good to find your blog via Twitter. Best wishes with your new venture and your health.

  3. Also found you via Twitter! Great blog. Looks like you already have solar hot water on the roof and still space for a solar PV installation?

    1. The roof at the front of our house is chockablock with PV panels that supply clean energy and a small income!


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