Friday, 13 January 2017

Watching and learning

I really enjoy watching a range of vlogs made by other folks who are living a similar lifestyle to us. I take inspiration from their ideas, learn how to do things and get hint and tips about what not to do. I'm sure everyone knows what a vlog is, but just in case, it's a video log, just like a blog (bio-log) but a filmed one, usually but not always, put onto YouTube for others to watch.

I will be starting to vlog on a regular basis very soon. I made a couple of short vlogs last year so that I could start to learn how to edit videos. You can see them at my YouTube channel hereI'd be delighted if you would subscribe to my channel and then you will know each time I upload a new vlog.

I've been inspired to vlog by a few people who I see so regularly on the telly screen in my living room, that they are starting to feel like old friends! 

These are some of my favourite vlogs (in no particular order), I subscribe to all these YouTube channels and watch each new vlog as it appears.

Sean James Cameron

Sean (with the help of Rusty the cat) has been making videos and vlogs for around four years from his allotment in London. Together with other allotment holders, he makes interesting and instructional vlogs. As with all the vloggers that I like to watch, Sean tells it like it is and doesn't gloss over the problems that arise when gardening. He is also rather partial to the occasional cuppa (which makes him a kindred spirit).
Find Sean's channel here 

Art and Bri

This couple, who have four young children, inspire me by being so positive and yet almost humble in their approach to life. Art and Bri's love for each other and their children is touching to see. They've been in their homestead for a year or so and are now enjoying having their first farm animals, chickens and goats.
Art and Bri's volgs can be found here

The Grass-Fed Homestead

Dan and Ashley (and Little Buddy) have recently started out on their homesteading adventure. I like their humility (a wonderful trait in my eyes) and their gentle approach to life, the way they care for their animals (sheep, chickens and rabbits) and the obvious joy that they get from learning new information and skills. They've spent ages studying permaculture and are now putting that knowledge into practice.
Watch The Grass-Fed Homestead here

Pure Living for Life
Jesse and Alyssa live off-grid and debt free and are recording their progress as they develop their 5 acre plot of land from scratch into their homestead. I find them highly entertaining and like their practical yet joyful approach to life. They made the best video I've ever seen about the trials and tribulations of trying to dispatch their first chicken!
Pure Living For Life can be found here

David The Good
I find these vlogs great fun, sometimes a little off the wall which is just up my street, but always filled with interesting and inspiring ideas for gardening in a food forest. David The Good and his family live in a rented property that is currently on the market for sale, but that doesn't stop them from putting down roots and making long term plans. 
David The Good's channel is here

Happy Homestead

James and Dee have just moved to Eday, a small island in the Orkneys to start a new life on a croft. It's great to follow the progress of lovely pair who have become firm friends, they came to visit us several times before they moved (read about it here) and I'm delighted to see how they are settling in.
Watch Happy Homestead's channel here

Justin Rhodes

I expect that many of you have already seen Justin Rhodes' vlogs. They are inspiring, uplifting and entertaining. Justin currently lives on a homestead with his family, although they are about to embark on a tour of homesteads and farms right across America and Canada.
Justin Rhodes' vlogs can be found here  

Off-Grid with Doug and Stacey
I admire this couple, they are practical, informative and entertaining. They've learnt so many skills since moving to their homestead in 2011. And, you don't need to be living off-grid to glean loads of useful information from their vlogs.
The Off-Grid with Doug and Stacey channel is here

This is not an exhaustive list (there are many others that I watch occasionally), but I hope you enjoy exploring these YouTube channels as much as I have.
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